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Use Cases of our 50 Private Proxies Plan

With 50 of our private proxies, you can do more with less spending. Our plan is competitively priced. With this big plan, you can do more of your favourite online activities such as playing video games, chatting on video sharing platforms like Skype, securing your IP address, watching your favourite series, bypassing product restrictions in online stores like Nike and Adidas, protecting your financial information, managing multiple websites or social media accounts, and bypassing geo web restrictions. There are a lot more you can do with this plan.

Please Note: For better chances of copping from sneaker sites, we recommend you go for bigger plans to get more proxies to use. At Ace Proxies, we have bigger plans such as 100, 150, and 200 dedicated private proxies. With more elite proxies to use in copping, you get more chances of purchasing limited-release sneakers.

Proxy FAQ

Our 50 private proxies plan is made for general use as shown above. If you have questions about this proxy plan, please contact our team. You can find more answers to our customer’s most frequently asked questions below.

Refund Policy

Ace Proxies is committed to providing a 3-day money back guarantee as long as you meet the requirements of our refund policy here. We endeavor to process refunds within 3 days of a valid refund request. Usually, this is done by our team within 24 hours if requested during weekdays. However, payments may take up to 7 days to appear in your account depending on your card, bank or payment provider.

You can cancel your plan to any of our proxy plans at any time by simply contacting our team. If you are not sure what proxies you are buying or you need, we recommend you try our smallest package like our one or five proxies plan. With smaller plans, you can try the service out. You can always upgrade your plan to a bigger one later.

Prohibited Use of Proxy

The illegal use of our proxies such as hacking, torrents, and other activity that circumvents the law is highly discouraged. We prohibit such illegal uses of proxies as indicated in our Terms of Service.

For more answers to our most frequently asked questions, click here.