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Buy Elite Socks5 Proxies and Dedicated Private Proxies

Buy our premium, high anonymity proxies that can help you reach your goals. Choose from our private proxies and residential proxies plans below and start using your dedicated proxies instantly after payment.

Dedicated Private Proxies
  • IP Type: Datacenter IP
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Subnets: Multiple
  • Locations: Multiple
  • Proxy type: Elite/Highly anonymous
  • Supported Protocol: Http/Socks
  • Mask your IP address completely to your web browser with our high anonymity private proxies.
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Static Residential Proxies (ISP)
  • IP Type: Residential ISP IP
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Subnets: Multiple
  • Locations: Multiple
  • Proxy type: Elite/Highly anonymous
  • Supported Protocol: Http/Socks
  • Mask your IP address completely with our highly anonymous static residential private proxies.
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Residential Proxies (GB Plans)
  • IP Type: Residential IP
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Limited
  • Subnets: Multiple
  • Locations: Multiple
  • Proxy type: Elite/Highly anonymous
  • Supported Protocol: Http Only
  • Get access to our large residential IP pool and use as many IPs as you need 24/7.
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Dedicated Proxy Plans

We offer the best proxy plans that ensure high anonymity and security while browsing the internet. Our dedicated proxy and residential proxy plans are what you need for all your business needs and goals of using the internet anonymously and bypassing filters.

Ace Proxies offers fresh and virgin private proxies that act as an intermediate between you and the websites you want to access, masking your ISP address effectively and securely. Our elite Socks5 proxies and dedicated proxies are second to none when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers.

Choose between our plans based on what you need. Select the right plan and let’s meet your goals today!

Why Buy Dedicated Private Proxies From Us?

While both our shared proxies (residential proxies) and dedicated private proxies (data center proxies) give you total anonymity by effectively masking your IP and identity, the dedicated private proxies are solely assigned to you, thus, give you much better network speed and exclusivity. Private proxies are assigned to only one client. When you order private proxies from us, we make sure that you only have the exclusive access and privilege to use these premium proxies. We take pride in the quality of our elite proxies, so we encourage you to test our product by requesting a trial proxy for 1 day, but if you are decided to buy residential proxies or to buy dedicated private proxies at Ace Proxies, place your order now and let’s work together!

The Ace Proxies Advantage

  • Buy Highly Anonymous Proxies

    We only sell proxies that are 100% highly anonymous. Your real IP will always stay hidden.

  • Automatic & instant delivery

    Access your proxies within minutes after payment. It’s that fast!

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Ace Proxies offers a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with our proxies.

  • High Speed & Performance Proxies

    Our proxies are optimized for high speed and performance.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    We don’t put a limit on your dream. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

  • Reliable Customer Support 24/7

    We take pride in our 24/7 customer support. Send us an email for everything you need.

  • We Don’t Resell IPs

    We maintain ownership of our IPs. We don’t resell them.

  • HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS Supported!

    We support all 3 protocols and you can easily switch between them thanks to our fully automated control panel.

FAQs of Buying Our Proxies

What are the common usages of our proxies?

Our premium anonymous proxies are best used for browser surfing, gaming, and other online activities that are not covered below:
Sneaker proxies for Supreme, Nike, and Adidas, and Shopify.
SEO proxies for scraping, bulk accounts registration, and traffic bots
Social media proxies for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and many more.

How do I receive my proxies?

After payment, your proxies will be available for download from your account within minutes.

What is our refund policy?

We offer a 3-day money back guarantee, which only applies to technical issues related to our proxy servers that we can't fix immediately (e.g. dead proxies). We do not refund any order for the inability to use proxies on a specific program or service.

Results from online proxy checkers and sneaker bots that list proxies as "BAD" or "DOWN" are not taken into account as they're unreliable testing tools. For best proxy test accuracy, configure it manually in your browser and visit the website. We have articles here that details how you can configure your proxies in different devices and web browsers. Read our full Refund Policy.

What we do not allow?

We do not allow our proxies to be used for illegal activities online such as hacking and spamming. See our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service for a complete list of prohibited activities.

For more answers to the most common questions we get from our customers, read our full FAQ here.