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Service Level Agreement

This Addendum represents a service level agreement (“SLA” or “Addendum”) between www.aceproxies.com ("Ace Proxies") and Customer for the provisioning of the services required to support and sustain the System.
This SLA is made part of the License Agreement between Ace Proxies and the Customer, for the use of the Ace Proxies network and subject to its terms. This SLA may be updated by Ace Proxies from time to time to reflect changes in Ace Proxies’s support practices, and a notice of such updates will be provided to the Customer.

The objectives of this SLA is to provide clear reference to service ownership, accountability, roles and/or responsibilities, to match expected service provision with actual service support and delivery.

1. Over 99.8% Network uptime Guarantee

Ace Proxies guarantees that its System will be available 99.8% of the time over any given calendar month period.
Uptime of the System is defined by the official Ace Proxies status report, available to Customer upon request.
The guarantee does not apply to any performance issues: that result from a manual suspension by the Customer which was caused by clicking the ‘Suspend Account’ button in ‘My settings’ page, caused by factors outside of Ace Proxies’s reasonable control, including without limitation any force majeure event or Internet access, that result from Customer's equipment, software or other technology and/or third party equipment, software or other technology, planned systems maintenance, wrong configurations, not adding authorized ip and voluntary downtime such as downtime associated with service upgrades or arising from Ace Proxies’s suspension and termination of your Customer's right to use the System in accordance with the AUP or TOS. Downtime due to planned network or data center maintenance is exempt from this guarantee.

2. Support Guarantee

Ace Proxies provides free access to its technical support staff for network related queries via:
Email support: 24/7
Live Chat support: Monitored 7:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. E.S.T Monday – Friday
Ace Proxies guarantees customer access to our technical support staff around the clock. Ace Proxies warrants against downtime associated with a loss of the ability to communicate with our Services Team due to the physical loss of telephone, support ticket and/or e-mail access by our support staff. Loss of customer telephone and e-mail access is exempt from this guarantee.

3. Non-compliance with the SLA, and SLA resolution

As a sole remedy, noncompliance with the SLA allows Customer to immediately suspend or terminate his Ace Proxies account. Such termination does not affect payments that the Customer is already committed to pay.