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ACE Proxies - Fastest Networks Embedded For Dedicated And Residential Proxies

Privacy and security are the two basic things that every internet user needs while browsing online. Using a proxy network is the best solution to hide your identity strategically with the help of their services. ACE Proxies is such a solution that is willing to provide the best customer experience in terms of delivering trusted servers that are dedicated to privacy and security. The private network access provided by the ACE proxies is considered the fastest by providing premium services with high-security standards and performance.

Why Use ACE Proxies?

To access fast and reliable networks, the dedicated private ACE proxies are the best as they provide authentication access for multiple locations and websites. They are specialized in networks called alight private proxies which are affordable and provide better proxy duration along with friendly customer services. They even provide replacement proxies free of cost if you are an active subscriber.

The SOCKS 5 proxies provided by ACE proxies are currently accessible in 16 locations and provide true ownership on the IPs if you purchase them. Even the payment options are easy and secure on their platform with free trial services and recurring subscriptions.

Unique Features Of ACE Proxies

As they are provided with multiple features it’s always the best time to opt for ACE proxies. Some of them are:

Avoids Restrictions

Whether the restrictions are regarding the websites or files, or images, you can now access them easily with ACE proxies on your side. Being restricted is not even a thing to axis any file on the internet if you use the dedicated private networks provided by ACE Proxies.

Supportive For All Protocols

Many of the proxies online are only dedicated to either HTTP or HTTPS protocols. With ACE Proxies you can experience the networks that are supportive for both HTTP and HTTPS along with SOCKS protocols and they can be accessed with automated functions.

Categorized Subscriptions

ACE Proxies have separated the subscriptions for Dedicated Private Proxies and Residential Proxies, but they are commonly included with unlimited traffic and bandwidth. So the users can now choose the required proxies among dedicated and residential according to their preferences.

Highly Anonymous

Now the users can experience true privacy and security while browsing online as ACE proxies are dedicated to providing 100% anonymity for online activities. They maintain a secure mask for IP addresses to avoid leaking the identity if you want to stay anonymous on your private online activities.

Trusted Ownership On IPs

Many of the online proxy network platforms provide ownership on IPs until you are an active subscriber of their services. But ACE Proxies provides true ownership on the IPs and the users can never doubt or worry about the matter of reselling your IPs for other subscribers or users.

Pricing Offered By ACE Proxies

As we already discussed how they categorized their subscriptions, it is important to know how much to spend accordingly on their services. Even with the ACE Proxies Coupons, you can avail of their services for much more affordable prices, but before you have to choose one according to your preferences. The plans available on their platform are:

  • Dedicated Proxies start from $4.99 for one dedicated proxy and end at $399.99 for 200 dedicated proxies.
  • Static Residential Proxies start from $6.99 for one static residential proxy and end at $ 499.9 for 200 static residential proxies.
  • Residential Proxies start from $17.49 for 1GB Residential Proxies and end at $899.99 for 100GB Residential Proxies.

The users are also provided with the 24-hour proxy trail to explore the features and select suitable subscription services.

About ACE Proxies

ACE Proxies have raised their privacy and security standards consistently to provide users a safe place in the digital world while they are busy in their activities online. The services provided by ACE Proxies have global coverage as they are embedded with multiple location access for all the customers. So choose the ACE Proxies if you need dedicated or residential networks for a perfect browsing experience for better safety.

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  • 7th of February 2022